For ZIN™ Members

Welcome ZIN™ member!

Are you ready to dance, have fun and socialize with other instructors? Join a ZIN Jam™  Session! Log on to and find one near you! :D

What is a ZIN Jam Session?

“A ZIN Jam™  session, led by a licensed Zumba® Jammer, allows ZIN™ members to learn several new choreography routines and network with local ZIN™ Members. A maximum of 30 ZIN™ Members per session allows for one-on-one interaction and personal feedback.”

I am an official Zumba® Jammer located in Stockholm, Sweden! As a ZIN™ member, you are more that welcome to join one of my Session. Do you live far away from Stockholm? Not a problem! As a ZJ I can put up Jam Sessions anywhere in the world! Keep an eye on my schedual l. I might be coming to your town soon <3


Here are the dates and locations for my upcoming ZIN Jam™ Sessions:

(NOTE: All registrations are made through Log in, go to “ZIN Jam Sessions” and search for my name “Amina” to register.)


Do you want to host me in your hometown? Send me an email: and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible <3